How to Make Red Velvet Fudge

⋆ Ingredients ⋆

–  sugar – butter – half & half –milk chocolate chips – marshmallow creme – vanilla extract – semi-sweet chocolate chips – liquid red food coloring

In a small microwave-safe bowl mix food coloring and semi-sweet chocolate chips. Melt and set aside.

Stir melted butter, sugar, & half & half together. Heat for 3 minutes in the microwave. Stir, then cook for 2 minutes. Stir then cook for 3 minutes. Stir once more and heat for 2 ½ minutes.

Immediately stir in marshmallow creme. Then stir in milk chocolate chips, vanilla, and melted semi-sweet chocolate with the red food coloring.

Pour into prepared pan and lift pan and tap on the counter to work out the air bubbles. Cool completely until set, about 2-3 hours, before removing from pan and slicing.

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