Thanksgiving Day will come and go but the food, well there will be some leftovers. So here are 25 ways to eat those Thanksgiving leftovers.


Whether it’s grandma that insists on making a triple batch of stuffing for only 6 people. Or Aunt Gertrude making her famous cranberry salad, to which is famous because it’s a 100% guaranteed to be 100% leftover. Or you sweet neighbor Trish who makes enough pie to feed your family plus 10 more and not 10 more people but 10 more families. Either way, it is a tradition amongst all families to have leftovers from Thanksgiving Dinner. Enough potatoes to feed the army for days or rolls that grandma stick in the freezer guaranteeing her bread for her lunch sandwich for the next 4 months. There is always enough food at Thanksgiving, right?!

And while some leftovers are even better the next day like my mom’s Best Ever Italian Stuffing, not all dishes are that way. So I went searching for 25 of the tastiest ways to convert your Thanksgiving leftovers into delicious meals.

Enjoy friends! And welcome to the season of holiday baking, eating and stretchy pants wearing. XOXO San

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Ultimate Leftover Turkey Club
Leftover Turkey Club

Leftover Turkey Carnitas

Leftover Turkey Carnitas

Fried Mashed Potato Balls
Fried Mashed Potato Balls

Turkey Tetrazzini
Cran-Turkey Enchiladas
Cran-Turkey Enchiladas

Thanksgiving Pizza

Thanksgiving Leftover Turkey Nachos

Cheesy Mashed Potato Puffs

Cran-Turkey Chili
Cran-Turkey Chili

Thanksgiving Sandwich
Thanksgiving Sandwich

Thanksgiving Leftover Stuffing Waffles


Turkey Brie Sandwich

Cheesy Breakfast Stuffing Cakes

Turkey Chili


Turkey Leftover Noodle Casserole


Sweet Potato Cakes with Black Bean Salsa

sweet potato cake

Leftover Turkey and Cranberry Sauce Salad

Mashed Potato Pancakes

Bacon Wrapped Stuffing Bites

Southwestern Turkey Soup
Southwestern Turkey Soup

Mom’s Turkey Soup

Turkey Cranberry BBQ Sauce Pizza
Turkey Cranberry BBQ Sauce

Green Chile Turkey Tetrazzini

Sweet Potato Dinner Rolls

Turkey Holiday Hash

Turkey Hash




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