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Cheesy Steak Soup for Recipes food and cooking
 Ballpark Pretzel Bites from Living Better Together
Real Tips to Organize Your Closet from Creative Homekeeper

This week’s co-host!

 Sandra from A Dash of Sanity
As a mother of five, daycare provider, and head chef/owner of Delectable Moments, a catering business I started four years ago, I’ve discovered ways to make life easier while maintaining great taste. And on occasion, I find solace in the adventure of a challenging recipe or the elevation of an experience with heartfelt touches and a bit of panache.  I want people to feel my love through my food. I cooked my first meal eight years ago after spending several years in the fast-paced tech industry. During that time, I was able to dine at many fine restaurants across the country from LA to New York, leading to the knowledge that good food is worth the extra time and money. But you can’t take kids to those places, and my fate led to marrying a middle school teacher. As a result, I wanted to blend my two known worlds into one – where food, pleasure, and a conservative budget could collide on a plate and still create lasting memories. So whether you’re looking for a sweet dessert, crockpot recipe, or something more refined, I hope a dash of Sanity provides you with just that… an idea, a laugh, encouragement, or just a break from the everyday madness.

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