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 And so it begins…

Time to get back into the routine of school, dance, cello, piano, soccer, after school clubs, homework, PTA meetings, and well… everyday life.

As much as I really do love the “madness” that the school year brings, I have a tendency to constantly think about the kids, errands, housework, and my next blog post.  This results in my inadvertent neglect of nourishing my body and giving it what it needs to keep going without getting “hangry”. If anyone knows this, it is my husband; he tries to prevent the “hangry”state as much as possible. Because I’m constantly in the kitchen, I have a tendency to nibble, mainly on sugar while I am packing lunches, making breakfast, or planning out the day. I rarely take the time to sit down and eat, mainly because I feel silly sitting down to the table eating a PBJ and crackers.  I can walk and eat at the same time right? This is a bad habit because I am not really aware of what I’m eating or taking time to just relax, gather my thoughts, or take a deep breath.
This is where LEAN CUISINE® Culinary Collection™ can help.

lean cuisine main

Have you seen Lean Cuisine’s selection lately? If not, you ought to check them out.

walmartI went to Walmart (yes, with my kids…sigh) and they were so easy to find despite the many distractions along the way, including toys and candy. When we made it to isle 4, it felt like they offered all the things I would order at a restaurant. The selection is quite diverse. I couldn’t resist but to pick up 5 entrees I wanted to try right away.
Monterey Jack Jalapeno Stuffed Pretzels: I would totally order this at the ballpark.
Chicken Ranch Club Flatbread Melt: We are ranch connoisseurs in our home.
Deep Dish Spinach & Mushroom Pizza: Two of my favorite vegetables.
Orange Chicken: Yum! One of my favorite Chinese takeout items.
Fettuccini Alfredo: I have to admit my daughter made me get this. I would’ve gotten the one with chicken, but I caved.

I will say that lunch felt (ummm… how do I put it?) more sophisticated, like I was an adult sitting down for a meal instead of a crazed mom trying to survive the afternoon.
I even put the meals on a plates instead of the carton they came in. I’m not sure if this made it better, but it sure felt that way. What was truly nice was I was taking the time to sit down and eat, enjoying something for me that only took 2 minutes to prepare and cook. I finished lunch, and that was it – no grazing or wondering if I was still hungry because I couldn’t remember what I had eaten.  This made lunch so much more enjoyable. However, Lean Cuisine’s variety is probably its biggest perk. If you don’t like one, they probably have a bunch of other flavors you will enjoy.  In the end, here are our 3 favorites of the 5 we tried.

I loved the Orange Chicken and so did my husband. In fact, I would totally order it again, I mean buy it again.

orange chicken

This experience was a nice change up from my normal “mom” lunch, and I am excited to try some of the other flavors that looked delicious.
These are family friendly entrees. My 11 year old, Aiden, ate the Monterey Jack Jalapeno Stuffed Pretzels. He had to “check” if they were good” and quickly approved after the first bite.


JoJo, my 8-year-old daugher, the one who picked the Fettuccini Alfredo, ate it for lunch. She felt it was hers since she picked it out. Of course, I had a bite, and it was a decent white sauce with a little italian seasoning it it.  It tasted good.

The Chicken Ranch Club Flatbread Melt (I preferred eating it like a pizza) had good flavor; I just wish there were more toppings. In fact, I started eating it like a pizza until I realized the directions said to fold it in half. I did, but later unfolded it and proceeded to eat it with my fork – you know, the more “mature” way. {wink}

chicken ranch flatbread

Although my life gets crazy as I am sure yours does to when school starts, I feel pretty blessed.
I get to watch my children grow, learn, be active, make new friends, and become more who they are. I get to kiss booboos, say prayers, wipe tears, give encouragement, and be there for them.
I get to be me. A mom. A wife. A friend. And as busy as that is, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Cheers to another great year full of love, laughter, and healthy eating!

Check out other flavorful moments at: http://www.flavorfulmoments.net

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  1. Of all the frozen meals that you can get, I love Lean Cuisine the best – they taste so good. Yet, you mentioned a couple that I haven’t tried yet, better stock up!!

  2. I need to stock up on some of these. This way I know for sure I will eat lunch every day. I have a bad habit of feeding the kids but not myself.

  3. I have about 15 in the freezer all the time. I JUST bought the Monterey Jack stuffed pockets but haven’t tried them yet. I think I’ve been eating Lean Cuisine for at least 15 years.

  4. I love, love, love the fettuccine Alfredo… it is so yummy and creamy. You wouldn’t think it was a ‘diet’ meal.. I love how simple and easy Lean Cuisine is.

  5. I’m just like you, I make sure everyone else is fed, and then realize I don’t have anything for myself!! Lunch is hard! haha These Lean Cuisines look fantastic, especially the Orange Chicken!

  6. I love Lean Cuisine but didn’t know they had these (except the Alfredo of course.) I wonder if I would like the pretzels. I don’t like pretzels that much but I love Monterrey Jack and Jalapeno!

  7. YUUMMMM you just dished up my favorite lunch ideas… I love the Lean Cuisine Orange chicken.. THE BEST!!!! Thanks for sharing and I have to add them to my list for my next Walmart trip

  8. I love eating Lean Cuisine and like to have some in the freezer. I like that the teens can warm them up and have a tasty snack.

  9. I don’t buy frozen meals that often but whenever I pass the Lean Cuisine meals I am tempted to buy. I am going to grab that Chicken Ranch Flatbread Melt next time I am shopping.

  10. I am just like you. I tend to focus on every one else and I end up eating pickles and peanut butter out of the jar. Lean Cuisine has some yummy food that will give me the nutrition I need to keep being an awesome mom.

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