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Foodie Tour: Kauai – Highlighting all the must-haves, to-go-to’s and places that can’t be missed.


I recently visited Kauai, and while I can’t wait to share my entire adventure with you, the foodie in me couldn’t wait to spotlight some of my culinary highlights. So today, I’m sharing with you the must-haves, the to-go-tos and everything else from family dinners to girls night out.

And if you still are looking for a place to head this year, you know, somewhere like paradise, check out Kauai. Our stay at Villas at Poipu Kai was heaven on earth.

But until then, grab a napkin; I guarantee there will be some drooling. Enjoy! XOXO San


THE “MUST HAVE” The Fresh Shave

WWW.THEFRESHSHAVE.COM – 808.631.2222 – 3540 KOLOA RD, LAWAI, HI 96741

The Fresh Shave

If there was only one place I could choose to go to on all of the Hawaiian Islands, it would be this place: The Fresh Shave – shaved ice taken to a whole new level. Nothing in my life has ever tasted that good. My husband always asks new friends, “What would be your last meal?” And from now on, I’ll be answering the drink pictured above: The Whiskers. Check out the menu below. Seriously, we went to this place every day it was open. Be sure to check out their site or follow them on Instagram to know their hours and locations. This mobile “love” shack is on the go. And guess what? More locations will be added soon! Good news for everyone visiting Kauai or neighboring islands.


“DATE NIGHT” Eating House 1849

WWW.EATINGHOUSE1849.COM – 808-924-1849 – 2330 KALAKAUA AVENUE, SPACE 322, HONOLULU, HI 96815

Eating House 1849

A very classy night out with friends was the best way to start out our trip. This is one of the places that after reading reviews, I knew I wanted to go to and was super happy when we got a reservation there. I was in awe of the menu before we even arrived in Kauai, and I knew what I was going to order a week before. Being married to a burger guy, I instantly knew their “Hapa” Burger was a must-have. But it was their Goat Cheese Mashed Potatoes that stole my heart.

Check out this “Hapa” Burger. It took a little work getting the whole thing into my mouth.hapa-burger

Everything on the menu was amazing – absolute perfection. The decor is welcoming, warm and stunning, and I definitely need their light fixtures. Eating House 1849 is great for an elegant evening out. The wait staff was exceptional and attentive. I made a video of my dessert of Molten Lava Cake and put it on Facebook; people went crazy. Check it out here. When I go back, Eating House 1849 will remain a frequent highlight.


www.dukeskauai.com – (808) 246-9599 – 3610 Rice Street, Lihue, HI 96766


I can not say enough about Dukes. From the management, service, location and food, if I had to sum up what it was like to be in Kauai, I would describe Dukes. It’s a fun and festive ocean side resturant. The entire group loved it here, and pleasing all 12 of us was no easy task. The drinks were stunning, fruity and didn’t skip on the ingredients for those who love to drink. My friends were oohing and aahing. The ice cream pie drenched in hot fudge was… to… die… for. Thinking about it makes my heart race.


And then there were the best tacos I’ve ever had in my life. I went back on our last day there even though I was told not to duplicate one place – I just couldn’t help it. The tacos were that good.


THE “CLASSIC” Aulii Luau


Like every tourist, we wanted to attend a luau. So we did, thanks to Rachael. The evening was fun, and honestly, I just couldn’t get enough of the view or the pineapple.


 I was impressed as always by the performers and their love for their culture and heritage. It was an honor to watch them danc, keeping traditions alive. The food was traditional Kaula Pork, fresh fruit and salads. While I was more in love with the whole vibe, I ate enough pineapple to turn yellow. It was so sweet, like dessert, yet better. Pineapple better than chocolate? Only in Kauai!


I would say that if you’re visiting with your family, this is a must-do! Just be ready to film all the live-action shots of fire and drums. My camera card was full of them because I couldn’t wait to show my kids. And while the night was memorable on the entertainment alone, it was nice to have some of my dearest friends there. And trust me, we had fun. Doesn’t it look like it? {Stephanie is going to kill me for this photo}.



KALAPAKIJOES.COM –  (808) 742-6366 – 1941 POIPU RD. POIPU BEACH, HI. 96756


Right as we walked in the door, we were greeted with open arms – literally. Hugs awaited us from their sweet manager, and their wait staff treated us like family. I would totally take my hubby here for a date night when our favorite team was playing or for a Saturday night out with the whole family. This place is a local favorite, and I could see why. Their menu was a few pages, including their drinks. There was something for everyone. I fell in love with the coconut shrimp, simply the best coconut shrimp around. I think our group literally fought over the last one.


We ordered several appetizers and each got a meal that we all shared. And this was the only night of the entire trip we didn’t order dessert! Jen and I left, and I was like, “Dang-it, I forgot about dessert and that NEVER happens”. We were honestly that full. Even so, smiles filled our faces, and of course, we couldn’t leave without a hug and some traditional music from some local musicians. Kalapaki Joe’s captured my heart and stomach.

 THE “CHEF’S CHOICE” Keoki’s Paradise



The reason I gave Keoki’s Paradise “Chef’s Choice” was because the chef took us out to O.K. King Farms to see where much of their fresh produce comes from. I was beyond impressed by the beauty and care that goes into the land and produce. We got to each fresh fruit and drink coconut water straight from a coconut. The day was unbelievable. Keoki’s entire staff is amazing and exceptional – best service in Kauai! The atmosphere was just right too. We sat on an outside patio and although the restaurant was busy, because of the spacing of the tables and layout of the restaurant, it felt like there was just a small, intimate group.

My favorite two dishes were the crab cakes {pictured above} and the Thai Grilled Shrimp {pictured below}. I was in seafood heaven. I can’t wait to take my family back to Keoki’s Paradise.


“LADIES NIGHT” Merriman’s



Elegant and tasteful dining, perfect for a ladies’ night out. Meriman’s was fitting for this entire trip since it was {mostly} a ladies trip. I was blessed to room with one of my favorite people in the world, Lynne, and our next-door roomie was Aubrey. This led to late night and early morning talks – ones that I will never forget and which forever bonded us. So going out to eat to a place that suited our entire trip was fitting.


The sunset view from Meriman’s was breathtaking and worth just going for drinks or appetizers. A little more on the pricey side compared to the other restaurants we ate at, this would be more for special occasions. The menu items also reflected this. Check out the scallops below – my husband would have ordered six more servings.


 If you are headed to dinner here, don’t plan on an hour. Plan for about 90 minutes. This is another reason it was great for all of us ladies, more time to visit.


To sum it up, it was a great night with friends and good food – a place where we could all sit and relax.

And of course, I have to add this. If you at all know me, you know why!

THE “REGULAR” Starbucks

Starbucks & Kauai

If you know me, then you know I start my day, almost every day, with a beautifully crafted drink from Starbucks. My mornings were near heaven, waking up in Kauai and heading to the beach with some of my closest friends with, of course, Starbucks.

Additional Photo Credits: Rachael, Eazy Peazy Mealz and Rebecca, Sugar & Soul

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