Fruit Salad Tips:

  • Now to keep your fruit salad from turning brown simply squeeze lemon or lime juice over the freshly cut fruit and toss to coat. This method works well for bananas, pears, and apples. The lemon juice can be fresh or bottles, which I typically have on hand in my fridge. You can also use a product called Fruit Fresh, which works like lemon/lime juice.
  • Keep your fruit salad fresh by placing it in airtight containers. When properly stored, fresh fruit salad can last for about 3 to 5 days in the refrigerator. Two exceptions are apples and bananas – overall they do not store well for that length of time.
  • If your fruit salad is sitting at room temperature do not let it sit out for more than 2 hours. This is 2 hours today, from the minutes you cut and prepare the fruit, serving and eating your fruit salad should not be out more than this.
  • Have leftover fruit salad and not sure what to do with it? Place 1 cup serving in individual Ziplock bags, zip shut, and place bags in the freezer. These make great smoothies for later.
Fruit salad is not only a great side dish but also makes a great breakfast and snack. It’s even better when shared. So whether you are having a few friends over, attending a potluck, or celebrating Easter {not too far off} – you can whip one of these Best Fruit Salad Recipes in just a few minutes. Not only are they delicious but your friends and family will be in awe. So tell me, which one are you going to make first?

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photo collage of salad recipes

MIXED FRUIT SALAD WITH HONEY-LEMON YOGURT DRESSING – I love the addition of pecans. This will be the first one we will be trying – I am sure it will be at our Easter table.

pecans, lemon, yogurt, mixed fruit salad, glass bowl

LEMON POPPYSEED FRUIT SALAD – This salad is one of my to-go-to recipes. Easy to throw together and the berries just make a nice elegant touch.

blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, poppyseed in a glass bowl

BERRY SALAD IN HONEY MASCARPONE – This is just gorgeous and I love that Jen added mascarpone cheese, yum!

Berry salad with honey mascarpone dressing

BERRY SALAD WITH HONEY LIME AND MINT DRESSING – I want to just drink that dressing straight from the bowl.

Berry salad

KIWI BERRY FRUIT SALAD – The big crowd pleaser for any barbecue or spring/summer get together.

strawberry, kiwi, blackberry salad

BEST WINTER FRUIT SALAD – I can see why this is named the BEST EVER.

best winter fruit salad

HONEY LIME RAINBOW FRUIT SALAD– Anything with honey and lime we love so I can see this being a keep in our home.

Honey Lime Rainbow fruit salad

APPLE WALNUT SALAD – Made with 4-different kinds of apples, this is always a hit with the kids.

apple walnut salad

TROPICAL FRUIT SALAD WITH VANILLA BEAN– I love how these are served, such a clever idea.

Tropical fruit salad served in hollowed out pears

MEXICAN FRUIT SALAD – I would have never have thought of this. Can’t wait to try it!

Mexican fruit salad

SKINNY AMBROSIA FRUIT SALAD– One of my favorites “slimmed” down fruit salad recipes.

Skinny ambrosia fruit salad

MELON MINT FRUIT SALAD – Refreshing and delightful, this is a great salad for a brunch or afternoon snack.

melon mint salad

SECRET FRUIT SALAD– So, can you guess the secret?

Fruit salad made with vanilla pudding mix

WINTER FRUIT SALAD – All of my kids’ favorites in one salad.

winter fruit salad

MANGO BERRY FRUIT SALAD – Made with a dreamy honey-orange glaze, this salad is a summer-time tropical dream.

mango berry salad

SUNSHINE SALAD RECIPE – My daughter Jersey is most excited to try this because it has sunshine in the title. With all the bananas, oranges, and pineapple it really does look like a sunny bowl.

Sunshine salad

PINA COLADA FRUIT SALAD – This makes me want to head to the beach and drink Pina Coladas all day long.

Pina colada fruit salad

MELON & PINEAPPLE FRUIT SALAD WITH HONEY, LIME AND MINT DRESSING – I love how the fruit is cut up in the salad, letting you get a bit of everything in one spoonful.

Melon and berry salad with mint dressing

WINTER FRUIT SALAD – You can never go wrong with too much kiwi.

kiwi fruit salad

FRUIT SALAD WITH HEALTHY YOGURT SAUCE – The creamy yogurt sauce is what sold me on this recipe.

Fruit salad with yogurt sauce

EASY WINTER FRUIT SALAD – Just a few ingredients and simply delicious.

Easy winter fruit salad

FRUIT SALAD RECIPE WITH ORANGE POPPY SEED SYRUP – I love poppy seed in any salad, love this dressing.

 Poppyseed fruit salad

HONEY LIME QUINOA FRUIT SALAD – I love quinoa and fruit in a salad and this makes a great combination.

Honey lime quinoa salad

HONEY LIME FRUIT SALAD – Simple, sweet, and fantastic. The combination of fresh flavors with the honey-lime just sounds delicious.

Honey lime fruit salad

BLUEBERRY PINEAPPLE FRUIT SALSA {SALAD} – Eat as a salsa with chips or devour by the spoonful, either way, this is a must-try.

Fruit salad salsa

BERRY WATERMELON FRUIT SALAD – This is a summertime must-have.

Berry watermelon salad

5-INGREDIENT FRESH FRUIT SALAD – 5 ingredients away from deliciousness. And how cute are the shapes? This is such a great idea.

5-Ingredient Fresh Fruit Salad

This round-up of Best Fruit Salad Recipes was recently updated from its original posting date of February 2017.

Pin collage of salad recipes

BEST FRUIT SALAD RECIPES that will fill your bowl with absolute deliciousness. The options are endless and all of the recipes easy to make! 

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  1. These fruits salads are simple, delicious, and perfect for picnics, potlucks, or snacks. Thanks for sharing these!

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